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Fear the Woods is a professional haunt that offers three haunted features. The Farmer’s crazy Uncle Eddie has escaped and is preparing the fields to scare trespassers at night. The woods will once again become alive September 30th, when the sun sets over The Pumpkin Patch. Uncle Eddie has brought a Pandemic to the farm and we need your help to keep it contained. Are your skills good enough to save yourself and those around you? Don’t wander too far from the light as he has invited new creatures to come feast on the screams of those that come to the farm after dark. Visit if you dare, and remember….only the woods will hear you scream in our haunted house and haunted outdoor trail. If you are brave and seek revenge, try our NEW interactive, competitive, combat field where your skills determine your fate: Pandemic. Haunt Opens September 30th! Friday and Saturday 7pm-12am Sunday 7pm-11pm and Monday, October 31st 7pm-12am. Call or go online to for more information 770-954-9356 Join us for family fun when the sun is out and the farmer is awake. Weekdays 4-7 and weekends 10-6. Visit for more information.

Website :
3565 N Hwy 155
Stockbridge, Georgia, 30281

Contact Phone : 770-954-9356
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Individual Ticket Prices $17 for an adult ticket and $15 for a child (12 and under) to the Haunted House, Haunted Bus ride and Trail. $17 for an adult ticket and $15 for a child (12 and under) to Pandemic. Combo Ticket prices for the Haunted House, Haunted Bus ride and Trail, and Pandemic $30 for an adult combo $25 for a child (12 and under) combo


Open weekends in October starting September 30th

Friday, Saturday 7pm-12am and Sunday; 7pm - 11pm Monday, October 31st 7pm-12am

Fear the Woods
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Individual Ticket Prices $17 for an adult ticket and $15 for a child (12 and under) to the Haunted House, Haunted Bus ride and Trail. $17 for an adult ticket and $15 for a child (12 and under) to Pandemic. Combo Ticket prices for the Haunted House, Haunted Bus ride and Trail, and Pandemic $30 for an adult combo $25 for a child (12 and under) combo

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The Best Haunt in GA
Fear the Woods is amazing!!! I went in a large group of family and friends and we were all extremely terrified but happy ! The house .....insanely unbelievable and fantastic ! There is an incredible actor in the bath scene and she was relentless! She continued to pop up everywhere and scare us over and over again ! I love seeing actors who are committed and we talked about her all night ! Zombie laser tag and the trail were spot on and worth every penny ! Don't waste your money going anywhere else ! Great Job
Posted 10/15/2016
Wow awesome !
My 13 year old daughter got toxic shock syndrome and my son had a panic attack! I haven't seen them so behaved in my life. Thanks Fear the Woods !!!
Posted 10/05/2016
Only the trees can hear you scream!
Best haunt out here and resonably priced!! I love the new pandemic attraction!
Posted 10/03/2016
One of GA's best kept secrets
This haunt is amazing. So worth it. I was scared and it was so creepy. I love it. Ill be back every year
Posted 11/08/2015
T-H-E Best & Scariest place in the Peach state!
You'll need a pair of "Depends" if you dare walk the trails or go through the Haunted House....So realistic! The whole set up is so professional. REAL actors / actresses - this is the Real Deal folks! The creepy bus ride to the trails is cool, too!! You just don't know what's next until it's too late! You get your money's worth (and then some).
Posted 11/04/2015
Almost too intense
AMAZING! I've been to many haunted houses throughout Georgia, this is one of the most well executed attractions I've been to!! Like a roller coaster, areas of extreme set details and ambiance just to give what seems to be a false sense of security... BAM! The actors are exceptionally well trained! Timing is everything for the "proper" scare! Not proud of it, but they actually made me soil myself a little! This dreadlocked character nailed us as we were leaving their quite realistic catacomb maze! He came THROUGH the wall!! Again, not proud of my incident, yet truly felt like I got my money's worth!
Posted 11/01/2015
Love it!!!!
Fear The Woods is a haunted attraction that I love to got to every year. The actors/actresses actresses awesome, so are the costumes and makeup looks fantastic! A place I will enjoy going to for years to come.
Posted 10/29/2015
This is Brendon Johnson I really love everything we do at fear the woods I had friends come they all told me they love it so much they would love to come back anytime ????????????
Posted 10/29/2015
The Best Haunted House !!!!
Fear The Woods is aboslutely amazing! It is filled With amazing actors who will scare you crazy unlike those cheesy animatronics. The haunted house and trail are extrmely scary and will have you facing some of your biggest fears. The zombie paintball is so much fun! You get to shoot zombies that run at you with real paintballs! You need to go here, dont miss your chance!
Posted 10/29/2015
This is the best haunt I've ever been to! There is an awesome Zombie Paintball shoot where you get to shoot actual zombie actors with Paintball guns. And I can't forget to mention they have a house that is completely terrifying and then you hop on what seems like a party bus that drops you off at the trail. At the trail you have to go threw a corn field and multiple pods to get back up to the front.... Nothing about this place is cheesy and I can't wait to see what they add next year. Every year I go they change it and it surprises me every time.
Posted 10/28/2015
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