13th Gate

Attraction Name: 13th Gate
Location / Market: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Lurking in the swamps of Louisiana is one of the most amazing Haunted Houses in the Country, The 13th Gate! For 11 years this huge indoor/outdoor haunted attraction has been thrilling visitors with a mix of true Hollywood quality sets and realistic scares seen nowhere else in the world! Hundreds of live snakes, theme park quality animatronic dragons and alligators combine with top notch make-ups to create a true experience in terror! Sponsors associated with this event will also benefit not only from the massive attendance and strong marketing of this property, but also of the other two haunted events the producers operate in the area, Louisiana Nightmares, and the Maize. Media Outlets and Sponsors alike will be thrilled with the high quality and Deep South creepiness that pervades The 13th Gate!

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