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Fortress of Fear ScreamPark
10268 Hewins Rd
Garrettsville, Ohio, 44231

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Screaming is just the beginning...Rated TOP TEN by DAFE for favorite FALL/OCTOBER Seasonal Dark Attraction/Event. Located in the forgotten town of Garrettsville, Ohio, these premier Haunted Attractions will scare you beyond your limits. Encounter room after room of sheer fear! CLAUSTROPHOBICS BEWARE as you navigate your way amongst the souls within the dark and narrow halls inside the FORTRESS OF FEAR, a 17th century themed castle where the living abandoned long ago but their spirits remain. Endure a sensory pandemic as you try to breakaway from the contaminated warehouse employees of FEARANOIA who want YOU to be their next associate! Plus, face your fears as you try to escape FEARGOTTEN, a NEW Haunted Attraction this season! Open weekends throughout October with a special BLACK-OUT event on Halloween. Visit for complete information including special pricing for larger groups/parties (by reservation only).
NEW for 2016...FEARGOTTEN ESCAPE ROOM! The government is rationing society and has formed The New Republic. Only the most intelligent and strong-minded will survive. The remaining to live the rest of their lives in fear and forgotten! YOU will have regulated time to complete experimental tests and escape to become a member of this higher society. Should you fail these tests, you will be locked in solidarity and left to perish by the Authoritarian Regime. Will YOU be FearGotten?
We take pride in your screams! Join us...if you dare! We are dying to meet you! Tickets may be purchased online or at the box office.
On Halloween, experience the Fortress of Fear ScreamPark in TOTAL DARKNESS! This Special BLACK-OUT Event takes place 1 night, no lights, and only 1 flashlight per group! TOUCHES of fear are all around you! Will YOU find your way out? We'll SEE about that!
Have a group and want a discount? Group Rates are available for 20 or more people and must be arranged IN ADVANCE by emailing Mental note...the more, the scarier!